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WJ | Selected Writings and Essays
Date Title and Description
April, 2013 A Boomers View on Retirement
December, 2012 The Holiday Retirement Speech
October, 2012 Boosting Retirement Income with BDC's
September, 2012 Know Why You Own Stocks
June, 2012 The Butcher, the Baker and Money
January, 2012 Could it Happen? - Gold as a currency
January, 2012 Leveraging Covered Calls with LEAPS
January, 2012 So Much Data - So Little Time P/E. EV, ROE
December, 2011 The WJ Flat Tax Form
December, 2011 Tax Reform - The case for a flat tax
December, 2011 "PUT"-ing Around with Volatility - Trading Options
December, 2011 Trading on Volatility - Trading Options
June, 2011 Open Letter to my Great Grandchildren
November, 2010 It's My Money - The case for dividends
July, 2009 Cal Bucks - California's Deficit Woes
April, 2009 What is Money? - Discussion of fiat currencies
April, 2009 The Wonder Years - Remembering a childhood friend
April, 2009 To Be Like Mark - Eulogy to a childhood friend
November, 2008 Gentlemen Prefer Bonds - The case for bonds vs stocks
November, 2008 The Debt Effect - Effect of debt on stock valuations
October, 2008 Baby Got Buyback - Corporate stock buybacks